Meet the team

Lenka Vargová Pašku – born in 1977, Slovak citizen, residing in the United Kingdom since 1999, working and studying in various fields. In early 2007 she founded LVP Solutions and has continued to play a leading role in the company. Professional experience in various fields has helped her to build this company on the safe base and she has been consulting and advising people in many aspects of life and work in the UK, for many years.

The highest level reached in English Language, psychology, finance and law backgrounds of her education and most of all her work experience in those fields, enabled her to see into the spheres where many people don’t have access. For many years now she has been sharing her experience and knowledge with people in need of help, and with people looking for a better and brighter future in the UK.

Lenka has initially started doing all the consultancy and advisory along her employment and studies. Demand and amount of clients has grown rapidly therefore taking care of the clients is today LVP’s first priority. She proudly holds on her account many of the won disputes with unfair employers, local authorities, unfair penalty notices and also many disputes regarding the taxes and self-employment issues in the UK.

Lenka is dedicated to her clients and follows all the cases from the start right to the end. Success and expand of this company lays in 100% attention and commitment to the clients and their needs. The key motivation is to look for the solutions to your problems, finding a better future and the way of living for Slovaks in the UK.